Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book Review: Charlotte Boyett-Compo


 In Wild Rain, Charlotte Boyett-Compo spins a yarn that is a boot stompin’ good time set in a period reminiscent of the Wild West, but time warped into a futuristic world where the hero and heroine, Rain and Kirree, must come to terms with their pasts and figure out what they want to do with their futures. If it were only that simple, and so many people weren’t out to not only destroy their but kill them, and wipe out everyone they love as well. This story is one filled with terror and pain, instituted by the bad elements, but the good people are overflowing with love and kindness and understanding, fighting off evil from all sides, not just from their own townspeople but from the surrounding cults and intolerant cultures that can’t seem to find a way to mix and mingle and get along…until Rain and Kirree force them to join together and accept their forbidden love. A love which is contagious and thrilling, shown to the reader through the art of Charlotte Boyett-Compo’s work, a book I couldn’t put down once I picked it up. Thank you Charlotte for telling Rain and Kirree’s story, and give us more, please.

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Charlee Compo said...

You are so welcome and I am thrilled you enjoyed Rain's story. He'll be back one day. Thank you for the wonderful review.