Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Trouble with Charisma

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The Trouble with Charisma

Release Date: December 20, 2015

Grace spent time in prison for a crime she did not commit. Her now-ex fiance framed  her and hired a corrupt attorney to see to it she went to jail in his stead. Now she is out and wants to clear her name and get her life back, if she can escape the clutches of the stalker her ex has set on a path to keep her from doing that. Love is not on her agenda.

Sal is an attorney, rising to the top of his firm and trying to make partner, but when he meets Grace, all he wants to do is help her find justice and end the sadness and mistrust he reads in her eyes toward him as a man and a lawyer. Then he falls in love...

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I'd Rather be Writing

Most days I’d rather be writing, but these darn editors, and life, keep getting in the way.

A month ago and a bit I attempted to fly down a flight of stairs without a parachute and wound up slowed down by one leg. This means my physiotherapist sees more of me lately than my wife does.

Then, when I sit down to write something new and brilliant, my editor sends back a manuscript loaded with comments and deadlines. Volume two of the Queen’s Pawn (working title today: The Queen’s Man) is under final massaging and smoothing out. This should keep me off the streets for another couple of weeks.

I have other things I’d much rather be doing.

I’m working on the final polishing of Queen’s Pawn 3 (Today’s working title: The Queen’s Game). I also have a couple of Housetrap Chronicles tales just screaming to be let loose. I think I’ve finally figured out how I’m going to work a kitchen sink into one. (You know, “everything but…”). But, brand new scribbling will have to wait.

One thing I have found consistently, in getting ready for the editors, and later working with them, it is amazing how many errors remain in that perfect manuscript I have already read over a dozen times. I shudder to think what would come out in print if it were not for the firm glove and large stick carried by my editor. I obviously cannot be trusted on my own.

Threw away my cane last week. Still have more tests on the leg. Gives me plenty of time to stare at the computer and write, or re-write, I suppose.
However, as the lakes are freezing over, is there anything we'd rather do?


The Dark Lady Trilogy (Volume 1,2,3)
The Queen’s Pawn (Volume 1 - with 2 & 3 coming)
The Housetrap Chronicles (Volume 1 to 7)
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