Saturday, November 22, 2014

Welcome Guest Blogger: Kevin B. Henry

How long have you been writing and has your process changed over time?

I was thinking about being a writer 30 years ago. Could be even longer than that but it was about then that when people asked where I would be in five years I would say A Writer. It took a little longer. I wanted to be the next Heinlein or Clarke or even John D. MacDonald. I was imitating and not being very original. Not being Kevin B. Henry. I rarely finished what I started. It was a wonderful pile of incomplete manuscripts that all sounded like someone else. Then I finally realized I needed to be me and an idea presented itself shortly thereafter.

My first novella, Amber Gifts was written like a knitting project. I would write stuff all out of sequence and then put bits and parts together to fill in the holes. It worked well and I continued that process with the second and to a lesser degree the third story. Those will be published in 2015 by Champagne Books.

I’ve begun work on the fourth story and it’s been more challenging. I have notes and scribbles on cocktail napkins and all sorts of things I want to include. I intend on sitting down over the holidays and start this new knitting project.

I guess the answer is for the first 30 years the process was incomplete. In the past three years the process has become more concrete and much more productive. 

Kevin B. Henry
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Kevin B. Henry
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