Friday, October 24, 2008

Highlighting Words

Do you use the word ‘was’ a lot? Or how about the dreadful ‘it’? Don’t know? Do a search and find out.
First, lets add the highlighting icon to your tool bar.
1. Go to Tools>Customize
2. Under the Commands tab, under Categories choose Format and under Commands find Highlight
3. Now drag the icon out of this dialogue box and onto your tool bar.
[Space below menu words]
4. Do a Find [control+F] or go to Edit>Find.
5. In the Find what: field, type the word you are searching for.
6. Checkmark ‘Highlight all items found in’
7. Click Find All
8. Go to your highlight option, now located on your toolbar and choose a color.
Now you can easily scroll through your manuscript to see if you are overusing certain words.

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