Friday, October 24, 2008

Dedication Pages for Books

Dedication Pages for ms’s:
Rebecca Savage

1. Fueled By Instinct

Lori & Cindy, for getting me hooked on romance novels
Marilyn, for peer-editing this ms

2. Cloaked In Assassination

G, Steph, Nic, & Carissa
Ally, my brilliant editor

3. Destination Ever After

*Acknowledgements Page*

Dedication Pages for ms’s:
Champagne Books
Rebecca Savage

4. Coincidence

For all my uncles and aunts
Special thanks to
Ralph and Nancy
Joyce and Dorman

5. Combustion

For all my cousins
Special thanks to
Sherri, Diane, Amy, Vicki, Kathy, Dennis, Darryl
Extra special thanks to
Bill and Karen
& Robert and Rosemary

6. Consequences

For my family because Family Matters!
Special thanks to my brother, sisters, nephews, nieces, Mom & Dad
& Grandma
And especially to my Critique Partners

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