Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Charlotte Boyett-Compo’s magically woven tale of Dargue Phantasy speaks to the reader through emotion and truth, spinning a web and catching us up in the magic of the heroine as she falls in love with the hero. Aisling is a good witch, and Darque is a werewolf, but never was there a better match made in Heaven than the two characters who brought peace to their lands, even though they have both seen sorrow and pain in their past. They have survived, and they’ll now thrive, and they’ll be better for all they have endured as they lead their people from the throne of their kingdoms, united as one. But first, many trials and tribulations must be endured, for Aisling, for Darque, and for their respective families and friends trying to tear them apart. Read Darque Phantasy, a story set in medieval times, and live the tale as it spins out. Charlotte Boyett-Compo won’t fail you. She’ll give you a ride through times past, or time future, a ride you won’t soon forget.  
Darque Phantasy.Final .niina  178x300 Just Released: Darque Phantasy by Charlotte Boyett Compo #newrelease #fantasy #paranormal 

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Charlee Compo said...

OOOOOH, thank you for that review. I am so happy you liked Darque. He is near and dear to my wicked little heart. I had to give him a lady to match his!