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Welcome Guest Blogger: Raine Delight:)

1. What do you write and why?
Raine says: I write paranormal erotic romance right now. I love paranormal/urban fantasy books. The sky’s the limit in creating something fresh and unique in these genres. I am also writing my first non-erotic paranormal romantic comedy, which is something very different than I ever done before.  Having fun writing this one and then it’s onto space and my first M/M book

2. What do you read and why, especially if it's different from what you write?
Raine says: Oh god *thinks* I love to read, even cereal boxes. Lol Currently I am knee-deep in JR Ward’s Blackdagger Brotherhood series (Currently on Lover Avenged) and then I for a change of pace I love straight fantasy like Jim Butcher’s Codex Alera series or Gail Z. Martin’s necromancer series. I also read contemporary books like Debbie Macomber, Sherryl Woods or Susan Wiggs and for suspense-JD Robb all the way!

I like exploring different genres as it gives me time to relax from what I write day in, day out and a chance to enjoy some amazing authors I admire.

3. Who do write for?
Raine says: Currently I am with Aspen Mountain Press ( and The Wild Horse Press (

4. How long have you been writing?
Raine says: Over five years and I had a few publishers close their doors while I was with them so for me, being with AMP for the last few years has been an amazing journey-one I am extremely grateful for.

5. How do you world build?
Raine says: Oh man, when I first started my Devon Falls Series it was to be just two stories. Then it snowballed as readers enjoyed the first two books and I ended up having to create a paranormal town with creatures, businesses and families/friends. I know have what is called a bible, where this entire plus notes for future books, for it. Otherwise I am mixing up eye, hair color and other items.  I first started with a scene/business (career) and build around it. Normally all my books (besides the sci fi one) is contemporary so I use what I know-small town, list how many businesses and make it general then expand it with different characteristics.

6. How do you write: the process and atmosphere?
Raine says: I normally put on ear buds, pop in a CD, open a word doc and go at it-no formatting or anything for one hour a day. I normally can write over 1k in that time and if particularly on a roll, more than 4k. I use music to help keep me focused as I write certain scenes as well. Many of my books mention what I listened to while writing it.

7. How do you build characters and their personalities and looks?
Raine says: I normally find out from them what they look like then once I begin writing them, they flesh out and their personalities come out. I had one hero (Michael from Moonlight & Magic-coming Oct. 2010) that hated that I made him a wimpy guy (a pansy he called himself) and refused to let me write anymore until I redeemed him to a more alpha male. *sigh*

8. Tell me about some of your heroes and heroines:
Raine says: I have a few heroes/heroines that just click like Jaxon and Rodrick of Haunting Magic. These two were hilarious, with their sniping at each other, the sparks that flew between them and the fact they both lusted for one another. It made writing their story pure fun. The hardest is Michael and Dixie in Moonlight & Magic. Michael is lonely and resigned to never having a family of his own-always wanders to some place new. Dixie longs for love and has trust issues. These two had to work extremely hard to be together and in the end, they find that home is where their hearts are.

9. Are you a pantser or plotter?
Raine says: Pantser all the way. I tried the whole plot things out angle and it just doesn’t work for me since my muse sends characters all over than what I wanted. LOL

10. What's your WIP?
Raine says: Currently I am on three deadlines from June to September for three manuscripts. Two which come out in October/December from Aspen Mountain Press and the third is for The Wild Horse Press.

Devon Falls 5: Moonlight & Magic
Release date-Oct. 15th-Aspen Mountain Press (
Paranormal/Shifter Contemporary Erotic Romance

Tagline: Can a were-tiger convince one stubborn woman that she is his for all time and show her that falling in love is just as sinful as a chocolate kiss?


Dixie Sinclair has watched her cousins all fall in love and now she wants the same. Dared to go to the annual Masquerade ball, Dixie finds the one thing she desires: love…one problem…can she trust that it will last after that one night?

Michael Barnes is a rare white were-tiger who was thrown out of his pride long ago for a trumped up crime, Michael roams the world searching for the one place to call home. Finding that peace in Devon Falls, he finds the one woman who stirs him like no other. Can he convince Dixie that she can trust in him forever?

Devon Falls 6: Yuletide Magic
Release Date-Dec. 3rd, 2010
Paranormal Romance/Holiday (winter solstice)-Aspen Mountain Press

Tagline: The magic of the season brings together two unlikely people in Devon Falls.


Yule has always had Mandy Alexander in one tight knot as she tries to keep her neighbors from finding out that she is a practicing wiccan and to escape from the painful memories of the past. Escaping to Devon Falls for a Yule ritual among friends, she encounters Grady O’Neil, a man who calls to her in more ways than one. With the magic of the season around them, can Mandy let her heart trust Grady enough to let him show her the delights that love can give her?

Falling To Pieces
Release date TBD-The Wild Horse Press (
Paranormal Romantic Comedy (non-erotic)
What do you get when you wake up and find your life has changed forever? That is what happens to Darius St. Cloud and frankly, he wished he never met that witch who just made him one of the walking undead. Add in renegade demon worshippers, a woman hell bent on helping him and a love that will take them to the edge of hell and back before all is said and done, Melinda and Darius will find that love indeed conquers all!

11. What's your latest release and tell me about it:
Raine says: my latest release was from 2009 and it has become my best selling book so far. Devon Falls 4: Haunting Magic is about a wolf shifter who finds his mate in the one woman he doesn’t want-or does he? A woman who tried to resist yet falls prey to the charms of the one man who stirs her like no other. Here is the official blurb of Jax and Rod’s story, now available at Amazon kindle, All Romance, AMP, 1Romance and other places:

Devon Falls 4: Haunting Magic
Paranormal/Shifter Erotic Contemporary Romance
Now Available
NOTE: The cover is awesome. I have to admit the artist Syneca at AMP outdid her with this one and is one readers’ seem to love-half naked man YUM!

Can a wolf shifter get his new found mate to heel or will she tame the wolf inside?
Rodrick Dracon is the twin heir to the Dragon Inn. When he finds himself longing for a mate after being footloose and fancy free, he finds himself drawn to the most obnoxious, brassy woman he has ever met: Jaxon Sinclair. She is the one woman who doesn't melt when he goes by or hangs on his every word. Jaxon is just aggravating and down right sexy as sin! Soon the sparks fly, passion goes into boiling and Halloween approaches. Can this wolf shifter get this woman to heel before the full moon? Will Jax turn the tables on this ladies man and tame the wolf?
A sneak excerpt:

The wind was blowing lightly, stirring up the leaves as she walked across the parking lot. The lights gleamed softly from the windows and Jax could see the people inside, enjoying the food and company they had. The smells were divine and had her stomach rumbling for something, anything as long as it wasn’t her cooking.
He looked even better close up though she damn well wasn’t going to tell him that. He had a swelled head as it was with all the honey bees that seemed to swarm all over him whenever he went out. She mentally tried to gather defenses up but it was hard lately whenever she was around him. If she didn’t know better, she would think she was in lust with Rodrick, impossible as it may seem, especially from the way the snipped at each other over the years. Shaking her head slightly, she felt his gaze move to her and his startled breath as she walked up to the porch, though that could have been a figment of her imagination.
“Hey Rod, slow night?” Jax asked, tried to keep her voice even and snarky. It was hard but as her eyes drank in the way his t-shirt molded his chest, she couldn’t help feeling that something was changing between them, something she was damn well not ready for or wanting for that matter.
Rod watched Jaxon Sinclair, the bane of his existence or so it was until a few months ago when he noticed the way her eyes flared with laughter, or the way her legs seemed to go on for miles in those short skirts she wore when she was at the Dirty Diamond. He didn’t know what changed between them but he was definitely feeling something for this pain in the ass female that seemed to call to him and the wolf within him howled as he watched those luscious legs walk over to him. “Yeah, seems everyone is getting ready for the Halloween costume dance tomorrow. What are you up to tonight? Dinner date?” Rod fairly growled the last part though he was surprised that the thought of Jax with another man had the wolf in him wanting to beat the man into submission.
“Was going to have dinner with Grady but he got short staffed and had to cover tonight. Just seeing if I can grab a take out from your mom.” Jax said as she marveled at how normal it was between them. Though she thought the hair on his arms bristled at the thought of her on a date though it probably was her imagination. Rod wasn’t interested in her, just the ones who wanted a good time and an easy lay.
Rod felt relieved that she wasn’t meeting anyone but was surprised all the same at the thought of her being alone tonight made him want to cuddle with her. Her eyes held faint purple shadows underneath and she looked like she hadn’t had a good nights rest in ages. “I am sure my mom would love to give you something since everyone knows you can burn water without trying.” The smile that tugged at his lips surprised him as he watched her eyes go a little wide then narrow in annoyance.
“What the hell would you know about cooking, you jackass? I bet you couldn’t make something if your life depended on it.” she said as her lips practically snarled at him. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought there was a smile lingering on his smug face.
“Oh, are you challenging me Jax? Can’t take the fact that I may actually know something you don’t? Want to take that to a test?” Rod felt a quickening in his blood that had him wondering if he was absolutely flaming insane. Why the thought of making dinner for her had him wanting something more and though if he had to say, he was enjoying the play of emotions on her face; it was fun to watch and damn it, he wanted to prove to her that he could actually do something besides what she thought he was: a playboy that flitted from woman to woman, though he was unsure why it mattered what she really thought of him. Needling her a little more just for the sake of being annoying, Rod leaned forward and stroked a finger down her nose and smirked a little as he said softly, “Afraid that maybe I can do something that will make you readjust your opinion of me?”

12. Anything from your personal life you'd like to tell us?
Raine says: I live with my own boytoy-yep makes me a cougar I guess-and my two kids in a small town that has one blinking stop light, is so quiet after 8 pm it is hilarious some nights and perfect to raise kids. 

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