Friday, July 24, 2009

Fan Mail vs Not So Fan Mail

What experiences have you had with fan/not fan mail?

I’ve never received any negative comments via email or blogs or anything, and I hope I never do.

I have, on the other hand, received some excellent fan mail. Not a lot, but what I’ve gotten is quality. I have a very supportive fan who lives in England and refers to herself as my number one fan.

If word of mouth is a good thing, then she’s probably my best advertiser. She started reading my books with my very first release, sent me a note that said she’d bought whole trilogy and read it over the weekend, and buys everything I have come out as soon as it’s released.

Plus, she puts my info on all her Twitter and Blogs and anything else she can do to talk me up. I only know her by Suzie, but our fans are important.

Anyway, it’s not like I’m rich and famous, and I don’t have a million people chasing after me and stalking me, but a few loyal fans are very good for our egos, and they keep us going.

We write for ourselves, but we write for them, too, right? I mean, without our readers, where would we be?

Comment back, and tell me about your experiences with fans or otherwise.


Rebecca Savage

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